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Thanks for visiting our Lorang family blog!  Bart and I always seem to have a thousand things going on, so we thought this would be a great way to keep anyone and everyone abreast of big events, fun trips, amusing pictures of Parker, and anything else going on in our busy, but not-necessarily-exciting lives.




The Lorangs’

Bart and Sarah met in late 2009 at the University of Denver while earning their MBAs; despite initially not being the biggest Bart fan, Sarah was eventually won over by Bart’s mad mathlete skills in the classroom and his sensitive nerd shtick when out socially.  Bart made the bold move to get out of the friend zone in December 2009 by surprising Sarah in Italy.  Sarah was slow to catch on to his plan, but after being stuck in a car for 10 hours, then snowed into a villa for a few days, she eventually caught on and the pair started dating shortly thereafter.

Bart and Sarah dated for a little over 2 years before getting engaged, then later married in September 2012.  The Lorangs now reside in Boulder, Colorado, where they plan to stay for the rest of their days living happily ever after.

For a slightly more detailed version of the Lorang Love Story, click here.


Parker Benson-Lorang

Sarah adopted Parker from the Colorado Humane Society in April 2008.  After several weeks of “puppy interviews” Sarah immediately knew that Parker was the dog for her – it was the perfect case of “you don’t pick the dog, the dog picks you”.  Parker was about three years old when she adopted him and the shelter guessed that he was a Labrador/Beagle mix; Sarah has since decided that he is also part Jack Russell given his NBA-worthy hops.  Just when Parker didn’t think life could get any better, he found a perfect Dad in Bart who loves him unconditionally and gives him all the attention he so craves.  Parker has a personality that is larger than life, a puppy dog face that can melt any heart, and has both his parents wrapped around his little paws.


Facebook: http://facebook.com/parkerbensonlorang

Twitter: www.twitter.com/parkerlorang  


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