November 2012

Global Warming Has Hit Boulder – November 25, 2012

It is nearly December and also nearly 70 degrees – while pretty much everyone I know is praying for snow, I am praying that this heat wave continues because I LOVE it! And so does Parker; we got a great hike in on the Boulder Canyon trail this weekend…see how happy he is?!


The Holidays are Here! – November 24, 2012

The Rudy is officially on guard – were just hoping Parker doesn’t mistake him for a chew toy.  The Christmas lights are up too – I’ll get some pictures up soon.  We’re looking a lot like the Griswolds’ again.


While totally unrelated to the holidays, Bart is starting to get into our wedding gifts – I think his favorite is the coffee maker from Grandma Dort.  This is partly because he can conveniently grab a cup o’ joe before work, but I think his actual favorite thing is that he can now use his FullContact mug.  My Hubs is the cutest.


CU vs. Stanford Football Game – November 3, 2012

This game was depressing to say the least, but still a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Bart made a point to share that this is CU’s worst football season outside of its very first in 1890.  Sad story.



October 2012

Halloween in Boulder – October 31, 2012

With this only being my second Halloween with trick-or-treaters, I still love the thrill and excitement from the kids that come to our door only to find what a good house we are – on Halloween, scoring a full-size candy bar is like winning the lottery….and most kids act accordingly.  I love it.


Parker is not nearly as excited about the holiday though.  Since we just got back from our honeymoon, we recycled a couple of old costumes.  Parker went as Ralphie the CU Buffalo with me to the office, then made a costume change to Michael Phelps for the trick-or-treaters.  He hated it, but looked absolutely adorable.

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Honeymoon in Bora Bora – October 12-27, 2012

I can safely say, this was of much more excitement to Bart than the wedding – and I can sort of see why.  The wedding went by in the blink of an eye, but this lasted for two glorious weeks – I can’t say that we did much, but doing nothing is exactly what we both wanted.  There were a lot of books, massages, a few adventures, and amazing sunsets every night – we couldn’t have dreamed up a better honeymoon.  It is also worth mentioning that my amazing mother stayed up in Boulder the entire time to watch our beloved Parker – the trip was that much better knowing that our favorite little guy was having an awesome time too.



September 2012

Getting Hitched in Vail – September 29, 2012

The big day finally arrived!  With just under 7 months to plan, our engagement completely flew by – which is probably a good thing because wedding planning is a bit on the stressful side.  Everything turned out perfect – the weather, foliage, decor, amazing friends and family, and most of all, we got married!  Bart and I are both so incredibly excited to be spending the rest of our lives together, and could not have wished for a better way to kick it all off.

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Bachelorette Party – September 20-23, 2012

I heart my girlfriends – five of my favorites joined me for a weekend in Sonoma before the big day.  We rented an adorable house not far from the Square, then hired a driver and tour guide to take us to several vineyards.  We had an awesome time, and still made it to bed before 10pm each night – my kind of party!  We all hope to make this an annual trip – the laughter didn’t stop the entire weekend.

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Denver Startup Bash – September 6, 2012

Bart played an instrumental part in throwing the Denver Startup Bash, which was Denver’s first big event to bring the start-up community together….and boy was it an event!  Bart and his team raised over $40,000 and had a great, local band perform (The Flobots!).  The party was a HUGE success and was the perfect thing to bring Denver’s tech community together.


August 2012

Engagement Photos – August 30, 2012

The wedding is just one month away!  Bart and I felt it was finally time to knock out some engagement photos – since our Family Photos back in April were shot in Boulder, we decided to feature our second home, Downtown Denver, for this go-round.  Our photographer, Travis Broxton, was awesome – the pictures turned out great!

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Bridal Shower – August 19, 2012

Sadly, my camera wasn’t working for my Bridal Shower, so I don’t really have any pictures.  However, the party was so, so much fun.  My amazing friends Dana and Morgen threw me a gorgeous brunch, with every detail looked after.  In addition to that, my Mom and friend Debra both came in from Phoenix for the weekend – it could not have been more perfect.  The picture below is courtesy of Michelle – my beautiful little flower girl and I.  🙂



July 2012

Bart Became Famous – July 2012

Most people can’t pinpoint the day that they reached National Fame, but Bart can.  Bart introduced a new company benefit on July 11, 2012 via a blog post, which went viral shortly thereafter.  So much, in fact, that Paid, Paid Vacation trumped the actual big news of that week, which was FullContact’s $7 Million of Series B Fundraising.  Within about 48 hours of the blog post, Bart was featured on dozens of media outlets including Good Morning America, Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, CNBC, Inc., The Huffington Post, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, local news stations, Yahoo’s Home Page, LinkedIn News, and many others.  Needless to say, we are all so proud of him and the rest of the FullContact team.

Maya and Ty’s First Sleepover at Castello di Lorang – July 2012

Paul and Michelle must really, really trust us, or maybe they just really, really needed a break, because they let Maya and Ty stay over one Saturday night…..two whole days off kiddo-fun!  We had lots of fun stuff planned, but I think the highlights were making smores over the campfire in our back yard and going on a fishing trip to the kids pond near our house.  Bart even took the kids on a second fishing trip all by himself – both Maya and Ty caught a crab (we think it was the same one since they were practicing catch and release fishing), which they just could not stop talking about.

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