February 2012

Cake Pop Extravaganza – February 9, 2012

Have I said how much I love these kids?!  When Michelle told Maya and Ty that my birthday was coming up, they insisted on helping pick out my present.  Apparently they are obsessed with Starbucks’ cake pops, so Maya really wanted to get me a book and supplies so I could make my very own.  Naturally, they insisted on helping me make said cake pops – I had to laugh when they suggested that they come over the next evening to make them though.

The cake pop design of choice was Pandas – kind of a complex choice for a first go, but they turned out cute.  Maya and Ty are naturals!  I also have to note that Uncle Bart bought Maya and Ty panda hats and mittens to wear while eating their panda pops – utter cuteness.  🙂