January 2012

The Blog That Went Viral – January 28-31, 2012

In other strange and interesting news, I started a new hobby in early January after making a New Year’s resolution to “cook more”, since most of you know I don’t cook.  At all.  My hobby is to simply maintain a blog about my cooking adventures. The strange part? Said blog received over 180,000 unique visitors in one week.  So here it is: www.domesticdilettante.com

While up until this point everything on the site was 100% made/managed/controlled by me (since I know you’re all thinking, “did Bart help you?”), I did enlist Bart’s help after he pointed out that I could actually be making money with that kind of traffic.  It took him a few hours, but I think we’re up and running now so I can earn some advertising dollars – fingers crossed!  I must say that it is quite nice having my very own mathlete and computer nerd extraordinaire at home.  🙂

My 32nd Birthday Weekend – January 27-30, 2012

Bart (aka The-Best-BF-Ever) took Parker and I back up to the mountains for my birthday since I still had not gotten around to spending any time up there…in my four years in CO.  We stayed at the Lodge and Spa and Cordillera, which was just outside Beaver Creek in Edwards, CO.  It was perfect – we didn’t do a ton, but went snowmobiling on Saturday followed by spa treatments, hung out in Vail on Sunday, and otherwise just relaxed.  We had an actual fireplace in our room, which was a nice touch.  We kept catching Parker lost in thought staring at the flames, so we think he liked it too.



Maya’s Chinese Cultural Night – January 20, 2012

Maya is in Kindergarten this year and attends a full-immersion Mandarin program – awesome, right?! – for Chinese New Year, her school planned a cultural night full of performances by all of the kids.  It was adorable, and while I might be bias, I think Maya totally stole the show!


I apologize for the lack of attention on my camera, but there was a lot going on – just had to  add in a couple of pictures of sibling love and the flowers that Uncle Bart gave to Maya after her performance (a week later, she still had them in a vase in her room and was so excited she made a point to take me upstairs to see them – adorable).


Breckenridge, CO – January 6-7, 2012

One of Bart’s investors invited us up to Breck for a First Tracks event to kick off the new year; there was a group of 50 or so people that we joined which made it a lot like a frat party…in a good way.  Nancy took very good care of all of us by putting us up in 2 to 4 bedroom residences at One Ski Hill Place, and our rooms had views right over the slopes – it was certainly a great way to experience Breck for the first time!  I obviously don’t ski, so First Tracks was lost on me, but I know Bart had a great time.  Some of our favorites, Yoav and Lana, stayed with us so Lana and I stayed behind and played the lodge bunny role quite well.