November 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Bart and I went to the Sewells’ house again this year for Friendsgiving (his second, my third year); I was excited to continue my quest in domesticity by preparing the apps and dessert, and I think I did a pretty great job if I must say so myself.  To start, I made a pumpkin dip (made with pumpkin puree, cool whip, greek yogurt, and spices) and my now-famous baked brie (which, incidentally, debuted at last year’s Thanksgiving).  For dessert, I made the turkey cookies that I practiced making last month (although they had improved ‘feathers’ and eyes this go-round), puff pastry caramel cookies (filled with chopped apples, walnuts, and cinnamon), and apple pie baked in the apples with a lattice top.  And just because I know you are thinking it, yes, it all tasted as good as it sounds – just call me Martha.  Lastly, any special occasion wouldn’t be complete without a Parker photo; his toy-of-choice to carry around (appropriately) was his turkey on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Group Photo (Clockwise): Bart, Moi, Erin, Christopher, Courtney, and Chris.


Parker Photo Ops – November 2011

With Christmas right around the corner, I am trying to find the perfect Christmas Card-worthy photo of Parker.  While both of these were nice attempts, I don’t think either will make the cut.

PS – Bart thought my Christmas light photos below were cruel and unusual punishment.  I respectfully disagreed, and I think Parker did too.  He did, after all, get about 15 treats out of the experiment.


Pre-Thanksgiving Projects 2011

Since I have been in a particularly crafty mood, I was super excited about the upcoming holidays; so much, in fact, that I even got a jump start on Christmas decorations with a wreath for our front door.  (L to R) Turkey cookies for Thanksgiving, a candy corn candle centerpiece for the entry (note how Parker works his way into the vast majority of photos), personalized dish towels made with stamps and fabric paint (for hostess gifts), and a front door wreath made with berries and moss.  While I didn’t make the actual wreath, I did cut the styrofoam ‘L’ and break out the hot glue gun to put moss on it, then wired it to the wreath – I think it turned out nice!


Holy Snow! – November 2011

While I am obviously loving our decision to move to Boulder, I wasn’t quite prepared for how much more snow we get…especially since I am the designated snow shoveler and we live on a corner, which means A LOT of sidewalk real estate to shovel.  Our first storm left 14″ and the second (a week later) left a still-impressive 9″.

Folsom Field – November 2011

After talking about it all season, Bart and I finally made it to a CU football game – my first!  It was also my first-ever tailgate, so it was a very exciting night. Sadly, CU was slaughtered by USC.